Vidyaranyapura, once a no-man land has developed into a big residential area over the last three decades. Started as a housing layout for the near by companies like BEL, HMT, NTI etc, in late 70’s and early 80’s.

Residents started moving into vidyaranyapura (aka narasipura) in early 80’s and started living here. Though in the initial stages residents had lot of problems in-terms of accessibility, transportaion etc., but the same started developing over the next two decades.

Lot of work has been done by the existing residential associations (BEL, HMT, NTI, IECHS etc) in terms of overall development of Vidyaranyapura including infrastructure, water, drainage etc.

As the things started looking-up, more and more residents not only from in and around companies, but also started attracting residents from near-by localities also, mainly because of its vast greenery, away from all the buzz and noise, parks and lakes etc.

Early and late 90’s started seeing more and more layouts in and around the existing layouts started coming-up.

Over-a-period-of-time, Vidyaranyapura, saw lot of action in terms of residential and commercial development in terms of super markets, banks, fancy stores, shops, mobile stores etc.

It is a full-fledged residential area with all the amenities and infrastructure.

As the FACEBOOK saw lot-of-action and growing fans, group of residents started two dedicated Facebook groups called (a) Vidyaranyapura – The Original and (b) Vidyaranyapura.

Facebook users, mainly online community members, started posting various aspects connected to Vidyaranyapura including personal, civic issues, sale items, ads, articles of interest to residents etc.

These FaceBook Groups saw lot of action and attracted more than 3500+ members. A great feat within a short-span-of-time.

Residents started discussing various issues confronting Vidyaranyapura development related to roads, power and water etc.

A need is felt to see how these civic issues can be resolved. Small group of residents led Mr. Manjesh and team, started talking to all the stake holders including MLA, corporators, civic bodies to see how the issues confronting the residents can be resolved.

A meeting was conducted in early Oct’2013 by Mr. Manjesh and team, by calling all the stake holders, including residents, area corporators, MLA, existing association members and their representatives. After Lot of promises, saw some action on the ground.

As things started-up both on-line and off-line, again thought process went on how to take this momentum forward and make it a group which focusses for betterment of Vidyaranyapura.

Meetings started happening among individuals, again led by Mr. Manjesh, on weekends. Started seeing a shape being taking place in the form of forming an association.  The aim is to work along with all the existing associations and groups so that all our efforts are energies and efforts are directed towards overall development of Vidyaranyapura.

Again need is felt to have a centralized website dedicated for Vidyaranyapura.

That’s is how was born!