Normally any village in India is welcomed by a temple which will be at the entrance of the village. Depending on the population and faith of the people in the village, the temple will be of Anjaneya or Shiva or Ganesha.If it is a Koppalu,Church will welcome you. In our locality Vidyaranyapura two bars welcomed us-one each at either side of the entrance and this system was there still recently! Now One Shani Temple and one Ganesha Temple welcome you when you enter Vidyaranyapura. When you enter Vidyaranyapura from Yelahanka, one bar welcomes you! With this small note I will record the History of Temples in and around Vidyaranyapura.May be some details are missing and I request the readers to add the information where it is insufficient…..

Till 1985,there were no Temples in Vidyaranyapura. On festival Days like Ugadi, Shivarathri etc., we used to go for Virabhadreshwara Temple at Thindlu.It had a Bull statue on its terrace and a very country look was there. It was quite an old Temple and not that popular as it is now. One by lane in Thindlu was used as Village scene by noted film producer Ravichandran for his movies and some time the villagers from this area will tell us about the shooting. Virabhadreshwara Temple at Thindlu had one or two main gods and yearly once they used to have Village Festival. Later, during this Festival Virabhadra dance will be arranged. Also the fire jumping will be there. In Bommasandra we had one Venugopala Swamy temple and a Krishna Temple. Still down one Ashrama –Kabir Ashrama was there. Near to that Jalageramma Temple existed. There was a plan to have Raghavendra Swamy Temple at DB Sandra and later in some private land the Temple started functioning with the family hold. Village deities were also there at Ramachandra pura,Thindlu and Bommasandra..

In 1986 some devotees wanted to have a place of worship and they decided to have a temple at the site situated at Fourth Block of BEL Layout. People who had a regular contact with authorities got the ideas from the concerned for the utilisation of this site for this purpose. Committees was formed and the responsibilities such as approach to concerned dept., Collection of Funds, Construction of Building Etc were distributed. Day by Day the Temple work progressed.

The Ganesha Temple came into existence. Slowly it developed its periphery and later it had Shiva Temple,some deities were added. Now it is almost a full-fledged Temple catering to the needs of devotees. But always there is scope for improvements and many innovative things may be incorporated.

Mean Time in Sixth block ( in 1988 ), in a private layout, the Durga temple came into existence. The Durga Temple-Kalika parameshwari devasthana became more and more popular day by day and it started attracting the Devotees from all over city and later state. Routine procession of Deities with all the fun fare will be there. The Folk artists from far off areas of Karnataka and TamilNadu have exhibited their skills here. Also it has become famous for various kinds of Poojas to get rid of bad evils. It had the capacity to house almost all the Gods. You name the God, you will have it next time seemed to be motto of the Devastana. Many Idols of Different Gods are there and for the first time I saw Santhana Gopalakrishna Swamy Idol there. Earlier I had heard of Santhana Lakshmi only !

One of my friend who visits temples all around the world told me that Santhana Gopalakrishna Swamy temple is at some places. The present temple is housing a very large number of Gods now. In the year 1994-95 Sri Kalika Durga Ammanavara Theposthava was held at our DB Sandra lake in the available water. This temple had its arch built on way to Temple in the main road in 1996. This is the First Temple Arch of Vidyaranyapura. Since some years, the temple is providing food to Devotees in the form of Prasada-This is also first of its kind in Vidyaranyapura and if I am correct, in Bangalore( Except in some city centre where the have this system in a different way ).

Normally the idols of Gods are erected at prominent places to attract devotees.But here the authorities of Durga temple had the idol of Demon Mahishasura erected at the Bus Terminus in 2006. I think this is the second idol of Mahishasura after the one at Chamundi Hills,Mysore! Here the Demon holds a Maccu
. In Mysore Mahishasura holds a katti!Also our Mahishasura does not look like a grown up demon, he just has the child’s face !

In one place at the end of Thindlu –road leading to GKVK I have come across one temple which displays a notice like this-LADIES ARE NOT ALLOWED in Kannada! I am not aware which god is worshipped there. It must be a powerful bachelor male god.

Then one by one so many temples started. Anjaneya Temple at HMT Layout, Raghavendra Swamy temple behind HMT Layout,Sri Rama Temple at last bus stop, Ganesha Temple at the entrance of Nanjappa Road, Shani Templa at turning of Nanjappa Road, Shiva Temple at Basava Samithi Lay out on way to Thindlu, Anjaneya Temple in the midst of Housing area parallel to Thindlu-Kodige Halli Road(near to Tennis Village), Anjaneya Temple near Kodige Halli Railway Gate,One more Ganesha Temple at the entrance of Ramachandra pura, Mariamma Temple at Sixth Block area (Free site area ), Venkateshwara Temple at Fifth Block.

The last named Temple started around 2007-8 had its Arch built in 2013 and this is the Second Arch of the lay out ! Also they have constructed Pravachana Mandira recently (2014)adding more area to the Temple. One more temple adjacent to Fifth Block Park area is Lord Ganesha Temple having its entrance from Gurudarshan Layout. Recently (2013 December/Jan 14) an opening was made in the left side leading to Park to enable the area residents to an easy access to Park. One Chamundeshwari Temple started in Doddabommasandra recently.

Shirdi Saibaba temple is on way to Sambhram College near MS Palya and if you move some one to two kilometre further Amba Bhavani Temple is there. Both these are very popular.

Also one Raghavendra Swamy temple (Bheemana Katte ) started in Dodda Bommasandra around 2009. The latest Additions are Sri Raghavendra Swamy Temple at Third Block of BEL Layout and we have Shirdi Sai Baba temple in our Fourth Block adjacent to Ganesha Temple started in May 2014.One Gramadevatha Gudi is functioning opposite to Petrol Bunk at DB Sandra where two gods are worshipped. Near to this temple one burial ground was exisisting till around 2000.A very good number of devotees are seen in this temple on some special occasions. Of all these Temples some of them are having large number of devotees and their buildings have also been expanded in a very short time.

All the festivals, special days and holy days are punctually performed and they have displayed Notice Boards to denote the special days, pooja rates, the Sevakarthas of the day,Hindu panchanga and so many informations which a common devotee needs. I understand that most of the priests in these temples are expert astrologers also. Also some of them are good counsellors who gives ideas in times of crisis to families.
Earlier the Ganesha idols were used to be submerged at Doddabommasandra lake where we had just sufficient water for immersion.

Later when the park behind our Ganesh Temple at Fourth Block came into existence, an artificial pond for immersing the idols would be placed at a corner and the devotees will carry the idols. Lot of Do and Don’t do will be put around. But after two three days if one happened to pass through this road all the Don’t dos will have been Dos!

Some details of temples may be missing here as I am not well acquainted with Temples.
Two Churches started functioning at AMS Lay out and in some private houses there used to be Pentecost devotees doing their rituals. This is being shifted regularly. Most of Vidyaranyapurites used to go for Churches at Jalahalli and Gangammana Gudi area. Mosque is at Dodda Bettahalli and MS Palya area.
As on now we don’t have Gurudwaras, Parsee Temples,Budha Temple and so on. Also one factor which has made my eye brows lifting up is missing of lord Ayyappas Temple here. Large number of Ayyappa Devotees are here and most of our earlier residents are from the land of Ayyappa .

One astonishing fact is except three/four temples in the area all others have been built on lands belonging to individuals! And as the Temples developed, the original motivators are replaced by the new ones! OLDETH LEADS TO NEWETH…….

 By Gopala Krishna

Comments :

 Haniour Sampangiramaiah Subbaramaiah 

It is good that existence and locations of all the temples in and around Vidyaranyapura have been informed here, but it would have been still better if it has been done with out criticism and remarks. Temples are the places of worship for residents who are Hindus. When a Layout is formed first thing we look for a place to build a temple. Which ever the work we commence, we begin with prayer to God almighty for its success. Even when we build our houses we look for suitable place for establishing God. 

Temples are absolute requirement for Hindu Community from ancient times. Place for worship is a must for each and every one unless he or she is an atheist. In the early days daily Pooja being conducted in detail by chanting Vedas at homes which had exclusive place of worship in Northeast corner of the houses. In the Modern days as the life style is changed from ancient style of joint family with many elders and children under single roof to modern style of Husbend, wife and one child or two children. Thereby there will not be much time available for the families to perform detailed pooja at home. At least in the week ends such families find time to visit temples which are close by and express their gratitude to God Almighty for looking after their well being.

In Vidyaranyapura there was an ancient temple built in stone with three Garba Gudies inside the compound of Dinshaw bungalow in the midst of Mango trees to the left wing of the compound behind the industrial shed. This I had seen when our team of Directors of BEECHBS used to come to the Layout for measurement of sites and inspection of ongoing development work etc., in the years 1978-79 to 1981-82. There were no deities inside the Temple. At that time one Mr. Iyengar, I do not exactly remember his name was managing/ taking care of the building though he was residing some where in Basavanagudi area. One Mr. Rudrappa used to reside inside Dinshaw building compound with his family where he was given a quarters, later on he has been given part time work as an operator of water supply line valves from the year 1986-87 onwards by our Vidyaranyapura Residents Welfare Association.

The story I heard from the village residents at that time was this was a Subramanyaswamy Temple and the deities which were being worshiped by nearby Villagers in the olden days have been removed and taken to Kadu Malleswara Temple in Malleswaram and established there after the entire 260 and odd acres of land were Purchased by Dinshaw family for bringing up Dinshaw Dairy form.

When I was the Hon. Secretary of BEECHBS during the years 1978 to 1982 once I happened to meat the owner Sri N.C. Dinshaw who had come to visit his property, unexpectedly and I made use of the opportunity to ask him to give that Ruining temple building and access to that Temple to our residents so that we could rejuvenate that Temple. He totally rejected my appeal and said he would give permission to the residents to dismantle the temple in ruining condition and take those materials to construct a temple elsewhere in the Layout under development. Anyway this one holding of 260 acres of land held by one family is today a big residential colony under the name of Saint Vidyaranya and in place of one ancient Ruined temple several Temples have come up in this Vidyaranyapura as narrated by Mr. Gopalakrishnaji.

 Haniour Sampangiramaiah Subbaramaiah 

I would like to say a few words in this regard. The Vidyaranyapura Samskrithika Kala Kalakendra was formed in 1980s by then residents of Vidyaranyapura to bring up Vidya Ganapathi Temple apart from its other cultural activities. When this voluntary Organisation was formed the members’ ages ranged from 25 to 45 years. This organisation worked hard for nearly 30 years in protecting the entire area wherein Vidya Ganapathi Temple now occupies along with Eashwara Temple and Sai Mandhir. Entire community of Vidyaranyapura who are devotees of Vidya Ganapathi were served by this voluntary organisation. This Organisation worked hard to up hold the culture of our country for the sake of Vidyaranyapura Community. The entire Temple building was constructed by contributions made by the residents of Vidyaranyapura. This organisation has created devotional atmosphere in Vidyaranyapura by conducting Poojas, Havanas and Homas and festivals of great importance for the welfare of Vidyaranyapura Community.

It was the long felt desire of this voluntary organisation to make Vidyaranyapura Vidya Ganapathi Temple an unique temple to provide with all amenities to its devotees and residents of Vidyaranyapura. This desire probably made the mistake of cutting one or two trees inside the campus of the temple in their eagerness to start the construction of long felt desire of bringing up a PRAVACHNA MANDHIR for use of longer interest of entire Vidyaranyapura residents.

In serving the Vidya Ganapathi Temple devotees from last 30 years all the members reached the age set of 60 years to 75 years. In spite of their old age and ailments they are holding up to full fill their aims. A few of them even lost the capacity of hearing without the hearing aids. A few of them are suffering from knee trouble and back pains. Still they are working for their cause. One should appreciate their spirit while youngsters are keeping away from such activities which are supposed to be the culture of our Society.

Now it is for you youngsters to go ahead and find suitable action to punish the senior Citizens who always think of welfare of its younger generation. This was the scenario earlier to building of Temple. Where were the trees under reference. Where is the so called mother Nature refereed above in some comments? If Vidyaranyapura Samskrithika Kala Kendra had not formedand worked for protecting the area the entire scenario would be that of the adjecent play ground today.

August 20 at 9:09am